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Prof. Marek Kasperski has tested our gadget


"I am a Mind Map & Speed Reading Trainer and have trained over 18,000 students in the last two years.

I recently had the opportunity to use the Bookhoover to help me speed read.
I highly recommend the Bookhoover to anyone who wants to read fast and to anyone who loves to read. It is truly a wonderful invention.

When we were very young, we were taught to use our fingers to guide and lead our eyes over the words we read. Over time, at the urging of our teachers, we stopped doing this.
Eventually, we grew up and no longer needed to read like little children. This is a mistake, because we need a guide for our eyes when we read.

This has many benefits, such as regulating the pace of reading and avoiding the time-consuming habit of rereading everything you think you missed, also known as regression .

I love watching baseball. I am always amazed at how the fielders can catch a ball that is hit very high. I noticed that the fielders are less successful at catching the ball on cloudy days. I quickly realized that the players were using the ball as a guide. As long as they paid attention to direction, they could track the ball clearly and easily. When the sky was cloudy, they tended to lose the ball in the clouds, so they didn't benefit from being able to track it. It is the same with speed reading.

One of the most important speed reading techniques is the use of a landmark. We know that our eyes naturally follow a stimulus.
So I was very excited to use a new product called Bookhoover.

The device fits comfortably on the finger and has a pointer that we can use while reading.
This device enhances the ability to read quickly by being a very natural extension of the finger. I wouldn't say I like using a finger to guide my eyes while reading because the fingers are too thick and obscure some words.

The Bookhoover solves this problem by having a long, thin guide pointer.

An added benefit is that the pointer can be quickly removed to expose a stylus, so you can take notes without having to remove the device from your finger. This is a very innovative device."