The ergonomic finger attachment helps you to read faster and with more focus. Expand your reading technique and increase your knowledge. Your tool for maximum concentration included:

✓ Metal case
✓ Book clip
✓ eBook | Speed Reading Guide

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"Absolutely useful tool for more concentrated and efficient reading!"
★★★★★ | Alexander Enders

Your reading gadget for focused, distraction-free and faster reading:

Our new Bookhoover Flow is the lightest version for guided, concentrated reading. Extra slim design and a book clip to hook into your book or inside pocket.

The Bookhoover Flow comes directlyin the matching metal case .

You also get our Speed Reading Guide as a free eBook.


The Flow is designed to fit comfortably on the finger, which is why three sizes are available.

You can choose between SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE choose.

Please measure the circumference of your index finger at the top joint:

If the circumference smaller than 4.7 cmplease choose SMALL. If it is larger than 5.2 cmplease choose LARGE. For all index finger circumferences in between (4.7cm to 5.2cm), please choose MEDIUM.

If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, you can simply take a thread, shoelace or cord, wrap it around the joint and then read off the length in centimeters using a ruler, triangle or folding rule.



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The ergonomic reading aid as a finger attachment

Your smart finger attachment for more focus, speed and concentration. Improve your reading experience and increase your knowledge with the 3D printed reading tool.

The principle

Eye guidance

Reading starts with your eyes. With the Bookhoover as an ergonomic finger attachment, you can guide your eyes through the text in a controlled manner to avoid unnecessary eye movements such as skipping back through the text.

The eye muscles are less strained and do not tire as quickly as when reading without a guide. Concentration and focus are maintained for longer and reading speed is increased.


Visibility & range

The Bookhoover Flow as an eye guide combines the comfort and naturalness of your own finger without having to actively hold it like a pen.

With its range and precision, it enables the user to glide smoothly through the lines of text, allowing optimum control of the eyes.


"Very good and helpful gadget. Never thought it would make reading faster and more relaxed, but it works."

Margit N.

"Convinced! - Great gadget"

I am still totally enthusiastic about the Bookhoover. I read much more concentrated and faster with it.

Paula S.

Super helpful!
A gadget I didn't know I needed!

Lukas K.
the founders

Faces behind

The brains behind the gadget are Mana and Daniel from Cologne. In a speed reading course, they learned that with the right methods, you can actually read faster and with more concentration.

As an engineer and tinkerer, Daniel couldn't resist developing the first reading tool thanks to 3D printing, which increases focus when reading. Thanks to Mana's knack for design, eye for detail and medical background, the two were able to realize the idea.

Look forward to more focus and distraction-free, better reading!

You can test the Bookhoover for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back!

Mana & Daniel Founders of Bookhoover

Product table

Product details

Weight 4g
Dimensions 8 x 3 x 2cm
Finger sizes 3
Metal case
Made in Germany
Manufacturing process Powder-based 3D printing | Multi-jet fusion (MJF)
Material PA12 | biocompatible polyamide

Frequently asked questions

All Bookhoover variants are symmetrical and can be placed on either the left or right index finger to actively read and guide the eyes through the text.

Tip: Switch the Bookhoover to the non-dominant hand from time to time, read and write with this hand to challenge and train the brain anew.

Although it is natural to use the finger to focus on a text, as children do, this can be a hindrance as the finger is short and thick and covers too much text.

A longer object with a thin tip allows a wider field of view and offers a greater range of movement.

E-book reader Note: Here the finger would activate the screen.

The pen or similar must be actively held, which leads to constant strain on the hand muscles and the entire forearm. You will easily recognize the cramping of the hand and forearm when "holding the pen in the tweezer grip".

You also lose the ability of "natural finger movement" from the finger ball joint with a pen.

The Bookhoover as an eye guide combines the comfort and naturalness of your own finger by avoiding any kind of cramping, yet still offering the range of movement of a pen or a pointer.

Yes, the type of text lines you guide your eyes through is independent of the display. (classic books, printouts, eBooks on tablets or e-readers, newspapers, magazines, etc.) The pointing cap (pacer) is functionally the same for all Bookhoover variants.

The Bookhoover Flow is 3D printed from biocompatible PA12. This is also used in the manufacture of prostheses and in the medical sector in general and is therefore harmless. Thanks to state-of-the-art additive manufacturing, a completely new haptic product experience can be created.

The Bookhoover is produced using innovative 3D printing technology, the multi-jet fusion process. This allows its special filigree design and the flexible finger holder to be reproduced from just one material. It also allows a completely new haptic product experience to be created.

The 3D printed base bodies are then carefully assembled by hand with the respective pen unit.

You can find all the details here!

Because you wished for it.

The Bookhoover Flow is a customer request and is based on your feedback.
As a light reading aid, the Flow is purely for guided reading to actively guide the eyes through the lines of text and benefit from the increased focus.

The same applies to the Bookhoover Booky. Satisfied users have already requested a smaller version as a reading aid for their children. This is precisely where the advantage of guided reading becomes apparent, in order to direct the attention of beginning readers and combine it in a playful way.

Bookhoover® Graphite: The pencil tip can be unscrewed as a unit and replaced with a new one.

Bookhoover® Ink: The ballpoint pen pen unit can be unscrewed and fitted with a new refill.

Bookhoover® Stylus: Here, only the front tip is replaced after wear and tear. You can do this with the enclosed pliers.

Important: The pen variants and pen units are not interchangeable .

Info: The Bookhoover® Flow and the Bookhoover® Booky do not have an integrated pen.

We have more answers to frequently asked questions for you in our FAQ section section.

Our customers say it best

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Britta Maathuis
Finally reading with pleasure again ☺️

After skeptically ordering the Flow, I was more than thrilled when it arrived within a few minutes. I already enjoyed reading. Always a lot of fun. But due to an illness, I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on reading and, above all, to memorize what I was reading. It was always a bit frustrating as a result. Now, however, I'm reading my books again as I did before the illness, in no time at all and with great pleasure. You could say I've become an absolute booknerd thanks to the Flow and I'm reading my 5-8 books a month again 📚 Thank you for the great gift of being able to enjoy books again! My Flow now always has a permanent place in my corner. Continued success!

Bookhoover Flow

I came across an ad for Bookhoover by chance. After initial skepticism, I read through it and watched videos about it. And then I remembered that in the past, when I wanted or needed to read texts quickly, I often used aids such as fingers, rulers or bookmarks.
So it was clear to me that I wanted to try out the Bookhoover Flow.
Not only does it look great, but it actually helps me to concentrate and read faster.

The only thing I need now is some spring colors. Maybe they'll be here soon?

Otherwise a great product

Margit N.

Very good and helpful gadget.
Never thought it would make reading faster and more relaxed, but it works. Still at the beginning, practicing hard. Can only recommend the Bookhover! Thanks to Mana and Daniel.

Super tool, too bad it's getting more and more expensive

The Bookhover really does make reading faster. In the long run, however, it becomes a bit uncomfortable, as no air can reach the underside of the finger and a slight shrinkage appears on the fingertip. I also think it's a bit of a shame that the Hoover has become €4 more expensive in a very short space of time.

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for your review!
We are pleased that you can read faster with the Bookhoover. Your feedback is very valuable to us, as this is the only way we can improve. We will take up your point about the low ventilation and work on it. Our prices have actually increased slightly at the moment, as we regularly have to rethink our calculations as a start-up, partly due to rising material costs. Nevertheless, we are very pleased that you have shared your opinion with us and hope that you enjoy the reading friend!
Best regards, Mana from Bookhoover

Relaxed eyes

Much more relaxed and faster reading .